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  • Gratitude Journal (FREE SHIPPING)


    This four-day a week Gratitude Journal is designed to improve your gratitude practice and help you transform your life with gratitude. By investing just a few minutes a day, four times a week, with this journal, you will discover the power of positivity by consistently taking small steps.

    Each morning, begin by reflecting on how you are feeling today followed by writing out your positive affirmative statements for the day. The journal also provides sections for each evening to reflect on the lessons learned from your day and what to look forward to doing tomorrow, which helps you feel more positive, confident, and happy about what’s coming ahead.

    To enhance your gratitude practice, our gratitude journal has weekly gratitude practice tips and a space for weekly learning notes to help you stay on track and in the right mindset for consistent practice and habit formation. It is a simple but long-lasting effective way to be happier, thrive and calm your mind, as backed by science. This journal nicely compliments our Wellness Planner for mindful tracking of habits for long-lasting wellness.

    Grab your Gratitude journal and begin your gratitude practice! FREE SHIPPING for all US locations.

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