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  • Wellness Planner (FREE SHIPPING)


    Our daily wellness planner is designed to help you focus and prioritize your health and well-being which helps to lead to healthier habits for longer lasting wellness. This 7 day a week Wellness Planner has weekly intentional goal setting for your holistic health. Designed as a wellness challenge for 6 months habit formation, you begin each day with an intentional morning routine, productivity breath breaks and positive mindset focus through positive affirmations, among others. This planner not only keeps you organized, it helps you build useful wellbeing habits but most importantly, increases self- awareness with through self-reflective note taking of the habits patterns that is stopping you from attaining the life of your dreams.

    Build your wellness by prioritizing self-care and balance with this daily wellness planner and take back control of your life!

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    Grab it today! FREE SHIPPING for all US locations.

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