What We Are About


Our goal is to normalize taking care of yourself with self-care made simple.
We create products and partner with brands that provide the simplest, and most effective self-care and wellness tools to help you live a healthier, thriving, and happier life.


We believe that everyone has a choice.
A choice to live a life that is their greatest human expression. A life that is gifted with health, well-being, and wholeness. A life full of self-love, self-care, and compassion for oneself and others—such that we can overflow and pour into others.
We want to help you forge positive habits that enable a happier, more thriving lifestyle curated by you.


We offer an effective four-day-a-week Gratitude Journal packed with weekly gratitude tips and self-reflection: experience gratitude with our journal and take back control of your own well-being through our daily wellness planner.


Our brand name was inspired by the late father of our founder. The name means "a peacemaker" or more literally, "someone who ends war".
Her father, a self-made man, passed away very suddenly in her most critical stage in life due to the stress factors of life (“the rat race”). We believe that he would have lived a long, thriving, healthier life if only he had normalized and practiced daily self-care.
NUGALA was coined by our founder as a tribute to him.


Continuous Curiousity

We love to learn and pour into ourselves in order to pour into others because a growth mindset is everything.


We value diversity and more importantly, inclusivity of care for everyone, especially undermarginalized groups like strong, ambitious women because we are also human.

Laughter As Release

We believe adult living is intense and we can use laughter as a form of medicine because it is free.

Smart Money

Thriving, guilt-free

We want to help overachievers, especially women, to thrive and take care of themselves guilt-free, because we deserve it too.